Pension expert Lead Form

As a company My Pension Expert have chosen not to deal with final salary / defined benefit pensions advice however, I can put you in contact with a pension transfer specialist that does. Before I do this, can I just confirm (eligibility tool)

  1. Do you need/want an income from this final salary / defined benefit pension within the next 12 months?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Are you terminally ill?
  4. What is your transfer value? (estimated or guaranteed) (£200k+)

(It is important that the client needs/wants an income)

If they are eligible at ANY point during filling out the form they are eligible for abridged advice and you should continue filling out the form.

Pension expert (eligibility checker form)
Are you looking to retire within 12 months and do you need an income within 12 months? *

Due to the recent changes from the FCA and the ban on contingent charging (charging only if a transfer goes ahead) we have changed the way we refer to a specialist. Sam Robinson the pension transfer specialist is no longer able to give you any indication of whether a transfer is suitable. Advice is now split into two parts, the first is called ‘abridged advice’, Sam will be able to confirm if transferring your pension is definitely not the right course of action. This advice is over 2 appointments and costs £450.

Sam won’t make a recommendation to transfer, however, if it is unclear whether to transfer, he may recommend you proceed to full advice. So you now have two options, I can just email you the ‘Self-Triage Client Education Guide’ for free now, and you can contact me again if you wish to arrange a chat with Sam or I can send you the ‘Self-Triage Client Education Guide’, its free and I can send it to you after our call if you would like to speak to Sam to find out more about the abridged advice process I can arrange a free 20-minute call for you to discuss this with Sam.

Abridged advice costs £450 but there is no cost for this call. I want to make you aware Sam will not be able to tell you if a transfer or not is the right course of action on this phone call. Sam Robinson is a pension transfer specialist and works at Almond Financial LTD.

Definition: Self-Triage Client Education Guide’ is specific information relating to the type of pension and the type of benefits a final salary / defined benefit pension.

Option 1 - Self-Triage Client Education Guide

Triage Lead Form - script

Option 2 - Free initial review (only if eligible)