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Our ongoing commitment to you

You’ve spent years working hard, saving, planning and investing. Now you want to be sure that your money is being invested in the smartest, most strategic way possible.

That means sound planning, and long-term thinking. It also means being flexible, and ready to adapt.

Circumstances change over time. Plans change. What was perfect when you engaged an expert advisor at the start of your career might not apply when you’re a senior executive with a mortgage and children at school or university.

Get in touch for ongoing support

This is why it’s worthwhile to maintain an ongoing relationship with a personal financial planner who understands the market and can help you adapt as your needs change.

A long-term relationship leads to better long-term planning. It promotes a more beneficial, joined-up strategy entailing all your assets, investments, and funds.

Unlike those who only engage with a financial advisor right at the start, you benefit from a strategic plan for your retirement – maximising every opportunity to make your money work harder.

Get in touch for ongoing support

Our process


Discovery & aspirations:

We meet to discuss your current situation, your current goals, and the retirement you want.

Research & model:

We explore all the options available to us and model the right plan with a detailed, illustrated forecast.

Recommend, implement and refine

We'll make evidence-based recommendations - but as nothing stands still, we recommend reviewing and optimising your plans annually.

How ongoing financial advice can help

The benefits of ongoing advice from a financial advisor go well beyond long-term peace of mind.

As part of our ongoing services package we pledge to keep you informed whenever relevant circumstances change. That might be changes to the tax regulations governing your assets, the introduction of new financial services and products, or any new opportunities to emerge from the complex pensions, investments and savings market.

By maintaining that ongoing relationship you will have someone on your side all the time. Someone who will be proactively thinking about your money, and your future, while you’re busy thinking about the rest of your life.

As part of our ongoing financial advice services offer, we will ensure that your investments remain as tax-efficient as possible, and fully optimised as the economic and regulatory landscape shifts.

High-wealth individuals and those with diverse portfolios will know that their financial affairs are often complex, requiring constant, proactive management and regular contact with their personal advisors. That’s precisely what you will get with us.

Ongoing Financial Advice FAQs

What real-term benefits can I expect from having an ongoing service relationship?

Research from thinktank The International Longevity Centre, published in 2017, showed that over a five year period the difference between an individual getting ongoing financial advice and one going it alone can be more than £47,000. Of those individuals surveyed, the people who had taken on an advisor in the past and kept that relationship going had pension pots worth on average 50% more than those who hadn’t. Our own research shows that those people who haven’t received ongoing advice invariably have less holistic portfolios that lead to opportunities being missed.

Is ongoing advice worth it?

The higher the wealth of an individual the more likely they are to have a more complex and varied portfolio, requiring the highest level of maintenance and planning. However, everybody can benefit from having sound, ongoing pension advice, especially when it comes to ensuring a portfolio is always optimised for tax purposes, or when circumstances change.

What are the ongoing financial advice fees?

Our fees vary from between 0.6% and 1% of the value of assets under management, depending on which package you choose and the amount you invest. For example, if we look after you via our Financial Advice service and your investments are valued at £150,000, our fee is 1%. Therefore, the annual payment to us will be £1,500.

What happens if my circumstances suddenly change?

We recommend immediately contacting one of our expert advisors, who are always on hand to advise and are prepared for a whole range of circumstances, from big-picture, economic fluctuations, to changes in your personal life.

How often can I contact my advisor?

We are happy to arrange consultations, either in person or virtually, as frequently as you need.

What can I expect from my regular progress reviews?

This is our chance to ensure that you’re on course to meet the long-term goals we set together at the start, and find ways of revising this plan if needed. Progress reviews are also a chance to measure current performance with the milestones set out at the start, and to keep up-to-date of any changes – regulatory, economic or otherwise – that might affect your investments.

What laws and regulations will you update me on?

Even without you contacting us, we will be in touch to keep you fully up-to-date of changes to regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the Data Protection Act (DPA), The Financial Ombudsman Service, and any other UK laws relating to your investments. We are bound by and adhere to all relevant regulations from these authorities.

Customers at our heart

We treat your investments as if they’re our own

Friendly and efficient advice to help your investments thrive – it’s what we’re all about. The proof is in our customer feedback. It’s important to us that you understand your options as well as we do, so we cut out unnecessary complications and handle your case with integrity and care.

We’re proud to be highly rated on TrustPilot, Vouched For and Google.


“The whole process is relaxed and fun while also being pragmatic and accessible.”- Christopher

Star Rating
Genuinely care

“Ongoing communication means I can talk about all aspects of my finances, and how world events might impact them. Friendly, approachable and open, the Almond team goes above and beyond and I know I can discuss everything. They genuinely care.” – Andrew

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Up-to-date advice

“With good, clear, and up-to-date advice, I am included in all decisions and planning of my pension. The regular ‘drumbeat’ calls ensure I am never overlooked and that my current needs are addressed.

“I am involved at all stages, and everything is explained at a level I can understand. I am always confident that I am an integral part of the process.” – Chris

Star Rating

“The team at Almond has time for me and genuinely has my best interests at heart when it comes to managing my pension. They’re fun, trustworthy and friendly, andI know I am being looked after. I never feel worried, anxious or rushed.” – Karen

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Our door is always open

If you need an update, or wish to arrange a consultation to check in on the progress of your investments, our expert advisors will be there, in person or online, at every step of the way.

We also promise to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the options you’ve already paid for to ensure maximum value. Depending on the nature of a client’s portfolio, it might be advisable to consult as often as once a month. This will not suit everybody, but we recommend an appointment with an advisor at least once a year. We’re a young, dynamic yet knowledgeable team, which means that we’re in it for the long term as well. We’re ambitious with your money, and we aren’t going to retire any time soon.
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